Welcome to Forensic Economics

I’m Edward Foster, a forensic economics consultant specializing in loss analysis in civil litigation. I advise both plaintiff and defense attorneys on cases involving personal injury / wrongful death, employment disputes and lost business profits cases.

While the majority of my clients are based in the Midwest, I do work with clients across the country. I have over 40 years of experience testifying on cases involving economic damages. My knowledge of current data, arguments and theories contribute to my effectiveness in discovery depositions.

I’ve assembled a sampling of past cases to give attorneys an idea of the scope and nature of cases I’ve worked on in my career as a forensic economics expert.

Economic Damages Analysis

Providing economic and statistical analysis of damages for plaintiffs and defendants in:

  • Personal injury / wrongful death
  • Employment discrimination, wages and hours
  • Loss of business profits

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My Expertise

  • 40 years of forensic economics experience
  • Past Chair, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., Economics, from MIT
  • Publications on economic theory and public policy

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